Friday, April 09, 2010

Dumb Online Form

The first concern when hiring writers should be whether or not they have a proven ability to WRITE WELL. If they can WRITE WELL and have proven their skills, does it matter WHICH industry they work in? In the online form pictured above, the bozos who created it do NOT give an option to list all the areas of expertise--they limit you to ONLY ONE. I've got experience as a writer-editor in aerospace/military, biotech, computers, education, energy and utilities, environmental, general interest fiction, government, hardware, IT, marketing, networking, scientific, software, and some others. This stupid type of form forces me to put my resume in ONE channel, thus eliminating me from possibilities of work in other channels (for which I'm also qualified). This stupid type of form does not allow me to select more than one industry field.

Those who design online forms should NOT be just the programmers and should NOT be just HR "professionals"--but they should get input from those who work in the professions they are trying to hire. You can't quantify many of our skills and backgrounds into a stupid box.

THIS is why I don't like "online job applications" or other "online identification forms"... most of the time, it's a total waste of time.

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